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Science Fiction Films and American Society in the Fifties. Chapter One: Science fiction films and the political climate

WHEN the Cold War began in 1947 only two science fiction films were made in the United States that year. The fact that the genre became an effective political tool in the Fifties is illustrated in part by the fact … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to me

It was 34 years ago today that I popped out into the world. Tonight I will be getting drunk with my parents and girlfriend, although, as my old mucker Shaun Milne reminds me, I will not be watching the Scotland game. … Continue reading

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Selling the jerseys

WHILE the Scotland football players reach for the stars, we have further proof that the blazers who actually run the national game are wired to the moon. The talismanic James McFadden and his teammates have barely put a foot wrong … Continue reading

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Frank Sinatra Has a Cold

A few quick posts today, the first being a link to a landmark piece of journalism from 1966 that I had heard about, but had never read up until now. Like the post says, Frank Sinatra Has a Cold. And … Continue reading

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We’re off to see the wizard…

The Telegraph braves the wilds of Northampton to visit the chap who wrote the Citizen Kane of comic books and is, Harry Potter aside, the most famous wizard in Britain, Mr Alan Moore Esq. Pictured below with Neil Gaiman, himself … Continue reading

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There’s been a glitch in the Matrix

While I thought everything was going hunky-dory with the blog, it’s been brought to my attention that there has been a glitch in the Matrix. It may well be that the agents have been trying to shut me down in … Continue reading

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The not-so-Fantastic Four

I see that the latest FF movie is out on DVD this week and note that Sue Storm gets to do all kinds of cool stuff, compared to what she had to resort to in when King of the B-movie  … Continue reading

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DC: The New Frontier – Absolute Edition

  DC – The New Frontier is a comic lover’s dream comic, a daring project that reinterprets the unchecked ambition and four-colour inventiveness of the 1950s. That DC chose to make this tale available in its premier Absolute format is … Continue reading

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A super schwally

The birthday poster has become something of a tradition over the last few years (the 2005 one is here and the 2006 one is here) since I discovered that Calum, and then Jacqui, both of whom I pour pints with … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Films and American Society in the Fifties: Introduction

THE beginning of the Cold War in 1947 and the technological advancements that accompanied it ushered in the golden age of American science fiction films two years later. With the release of Destination Moon producer George Pal proved that the … Continue reading

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