Selling the jerseys

WHILE the Scotland football players reach for the stars, we have further proof that the blazers who actually run the national game are wired to the moon.

The talismanic James McFadden and his teammates have barely put a foot wrong in the qualification campaign for the 2008 European Championships but I was a wee bit cheesed off this morning to learn that the Scottish Football Association are kitting them out in a one-off special edition red strip  for tomorrow’s night’s vital away clash with Georgia.

Headline writers across the land must already be rubbing their hands in anticipation should Scotland stumble at the penultimate hurdle and drop points at the business end of the qualifiers, because surely the red strips will be to blame. After all, if it’s good enough for Sir Alex Ferguson  then it’s good enough for his protege Alex McLeish.

What really irks though is that the SFA seems intent on screwing more cash out of the Tartan Army just when the players have whipped the country’s patriotism up to a level of frenzy not seen since Ally McLeod and his lads went round Hampden in a double-decker before jetting off for Argentina.

And I wonder if the introduction of this limited edition strip has any connection with this report  about kit-makers Diadora pulling out of an agreement which would have let supermarket giants Asda flog the traditional dark blue jerseys at half price?

For who in their right mind would shell out £40 on a hideous red top when they could just nip down the high street and get the real deal for £20?

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2 Responses to Selling the jerseys

  1. Jon says:

    That’s a fucking outrage. It’s utterly honking, and it looks like a Hearts top.

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