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Have a Fantastic New Year!

All the best to readers of the blog for 2008, and have a great time tonight. I’m off down South with the girlfriend for a couple days, so I’ll see you on the flip side. As this panel from Fantastic Four … Continue reading

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The best song of 2007

It’s probably a sign of my sad, slow decline into middle age that I would even consider Take That’s Rule the World for my best single of the year. A decade ago I would have punched you in the nose … Continue reading

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The best moment of 2007

This was when the entire country started to really believe that we could qualify for the 2008 European Champsionships, a moment of sublime swagger that caught everyone off guard. For the briefest second when the ball hit the back of … Continue reading

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It’s Funny Panel Friday

The Man of Steel gets a wee bit too excited when he meets the Webbed Wonder.

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The best comic of 2007

In this study of mortality, Grant Morrison reminds us that the adventures of the Man of Steel are not always about Superman, but rather they can be about Superman. There’s an inevitability to the entire issue, the cover isn’t one … Continue reading

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Spider-Man: One More Day T-shirts

Cracking the Internet in half this week is the news that the fourth and final instalment of the One More Day story, currently running through the Spider-Man titles, pushes the Reset button and rubs out 20 years of continuity by … Continue reading

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Another fine (Christmas) day in Gotham City

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Superman Vs Batman film scheduled for 2012

At least according to I Am Legend (out today in the UK). Let’s hope it looks like this.

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It’s Christmas Day!


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1 day until Christmas!

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