It’s amazing what you can find on the Interweb

There I was last night on a website that I had never visited before, scrolling down an obscure thread when, after an incredulous double-check, I came across a picture of my living room. And I never put it there.

I’m no computer expert, but I believe there must be something like 74 squintillion pages on the Interweb, so I was more stunned than a stun gun set to stun when I saw a shot of my innermost sanctum for all of the worldwide audience to see.

I had been doing a Google search for innovative designs on comic book covers and had randomly clicked on one of the results. There were dozens of examples posted, and near the bottom of the page I saw a picture featuring the Absolute edition of DC: The New Frontier.

That, I thought to myself, is indeed a dynamite cover. I should know, since I have a copy of the oversized tome myself and reviewed it on my blog. Then I had a closer look at it and saw that it was my actual copy of the book, sitting in my living room.

At least someone out there is actually reading my blog.

That's my living room that is. Not a pair of pants to be seen


About bobmitchellinthe21stcentury

i am a mild-mannered reporter and a part-time bar man. guinness is my drink. john wayne is my hero. i am kind to animals
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