Dave Gibbons watches the Watchmen

I’ve just read Watchmen again, it’s in my genetic code that I have to do it once every year, and as usual I marvelled at the attention to detail artist Dave Gibbons put into the pages.

Indeed, many of the sequences in the graphic novel have a distinctly cinematic feel to them, particularly when writer Alan Moore is wise enough to let a page go without any dialogue and let Gibbons convey what is happening. This scene in particular, with the jump-cuts and use of the flame-thrower to illustrate when Dan nails Laurie aboard the Owl Ship, is sheer cinema.


And now that the Citizen Kane of comics is being turned into an actual movie, Gibbons’ reports from the film set fill me with optimism. Read the first part here, and the second part here.

“I’m standing amongst them. Nite Owl shakes my hand. The Comedian slaps me on the back. Silk Spectre smiles a dazzling greeting. I’m overwhelmed by the depth and detail of what I’m seeing. But more than that. I’m overwhelmed by the commitment, the passion, the palpable desire to do this right.

“I’m starting to feel a glow that eclipses even Dr. Manhattan’s.”

It’s already the greatest comic ever but maybe, just maybe, it could be the greatest comic book movie ever too.


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3 Responses to Dave Gibbons watches the Watchmen

  1. Tim H says:

    Watchmen is sitting on my desk just waiting to be read, everyone keeps on telling me it’s astounding, but I don’t seem to have enough time to just sit down and read it, plus I’m trying to finish V for Vendetta first.

  2. bobmitchellinthe21stcentury says:

    Do it Tim, do it now man! Ha, you’ll love it, seriously. Sorry for spoiling that page for ya though!

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