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Justice League of America Newspaper Strip: Chapter 16

Last week we left Wonder Woman at the mercy of Vandal Savage, and with the Amazon princess till helpless it looks as if the villain may destroy New York! Click here for the super-sized version of the action! This material … Continue reading

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Supergirl on Final Crisis #3 cover!

Not sure who draws this, but it’s pretty cool. The comic might be confusing me a wee bit but you can’t argue with the art. It might be a variant cover, but this image was flagged up at the end … Continue reading

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The blog now has an RSS feed!

To be honest, setting up the RSS feed felt like doing quantum mechanics to me, but I finally got it sorted via Feedburner and you can now also follow the blog by clicking on the orange square over there on … Continue reading

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The blog broke the 1000-hits-in-a-day barrier!

I mentioned a couple days ago that the blog has been getting a lot of traffic lately, and it went through the roof yesterday as, for the first time ever, it got over 1000 hits, so a big thankyou to … Continue reading

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Michael Turner

Comic Book Resources has the sad news.

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It Sucks Being Sue Storm!

Never mind fixing your hair for him Sue, he doesn’t deserve it. It sucks being Sue Storm.

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It’s Funny Panel Friday!


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I’ve been seeing posts about Wordle springing up around the blogosphere over the last few days (Bully over at Comics Oughtta Be Fun has mentioned it) so I thought I would jump on board and add my tuppence worth about … Continue reading

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Adventures in Photoshop!

It’s the first instalment in a semi-regular feature that will see me practice my Photoshop-Fu. Or as my girlfriend says: “Are you sticking your bloody head on comic book pictures again you big dork?!?” I actually was hung-over in that … Continue reading

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Mark Millar Wanted interview!

If you’re any kind of film and/or comic geek then you’ll know the big news this week is that Wanted hits cinema screens on Friday. It’s adapted from the six-part, record-breaking series of the same name by writer Mark Millar … Continue reading

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