What 1985 could have looked like! Mark Millar’s latest comic before Tommy Lee Jones signed on!

I grew up reading photo strips in UK comics like the Eagle when I was just a nipper. However, I’m pretty glad that Marvel’s attempt to bring some fumettie-style realism to 1985 fell through, because that would mean being deprived of Tommy Lee Edwards’ artwork.

Some of the sequentials from the aborted project can be found online though, and it’s interesting to have a peek at it, not least because it gives away a few spoilers. It’s a bit hit and miss for me, although I suppose it was canned at a pretty early stage, so who knows what the finished article might have looked like.

The shot of the Hulk which appears on the final page of the first issue looked pretty decent, and the poor bald bloke that looks like the Vulture is spot-on, but overall, I’m not feeling it. I like what I like, but you have to respect Marvel for at least considering taking a chance on this, given that it was set to be the company’s most expensive comic ever. Check out Ultron ripping up the neighbourhood though, that’s a pretty sweet cover.

And since the first issue of 1985 has sold out, Millar has just announced that it looks like the photo pages will be released.

Hulk Smash!

Hulk Smash you too!

He's a baldy man!

This is really freaky!

Ye cannae come roond here wanting to eat our planet


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