Who watches the Watchmen cartoon?

Seriously, they spent $150 million making the movie, but was it as cool as this? Dig those lyrics: “Strong together, united forever, come and meet your friends; time’s up, time’s here, for the Watchmen!”

In the comic Rorschach puts an axe through two dogs’ heads, just look what he does here. This is all kinds of amazing. If I was Alan Moore I’d take royalties from this baby. Hurm.

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i am a mild-mannered reporter and a part-time bar man. guinness is my drink. john wayne is my hero. i am kind to animals
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3 Responses to Who watches the Watchmen cartoon?

  1. This is brilliant… ‘course, the Choob had it a week ago… 8^P

  2. Muhammad says:

    Pure, unrelenting, unappolegetic class.

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