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It Sucks Being Sue Storm!

And why would Reed need to keep you informed of things Sue? After all, you’re only his wife. It sucks being Sue Storm.

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My blog pictures might disappear for a while!

So I’ve had a message from Photobucket (where I host my pics) saying my monthly bandwidth of 25 gigs is almost used up. I just checked and I’m at 24.2 gigs. Given that so many of my posts depend on … Continue reading

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It’s Funny Panel Friday!

Hang on a minute. Neve rmind that Wanda is unconscious, Pietro is her brother!

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Watching the Watchmen! Dave Gibbons speaks about his new book and the Watchmen movie!

Dave Gibbons bounds into the room with the justifiable swagger of a man whose work has been turned into a $150million dream come true. He is instantly likeable, coming across as a thouroughly affable bloke, and I am delighted to … Continue reading

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