It’s Splash Page Sunday!

I love John Byrne, even though he does draw some of his commissions with six fingers

This is a very clever splash from John Byrne in Uncanny X-Men #143. Look at how the title blends into the story. He might be a bit out-there these days, but he could sure as shit draw back in the day.

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i am a mild-mannered reporter and a part-time bar man. guinness is my drink. john wayne is my hero. i am kind to animals
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3 Responses to It’s Splash Page Sunday!

  1. Thomas says:

    At first it looked like a Spawn cover.
    Why are they green? Prof X looks like Oa.

  2. bobmitchellinthe21stcentury says:

    Lol I dunno. None of them are green on my screen! Maybe your monitor needs reset or something man?

  3. Thomas says:

    or maybe yours does. ;p

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