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Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

Terry Moore produced possibly my favourite comic of the last 20 years with Strangers in Paradise, and this is from SiP Vol3 #44. It’s a drawing of Katchoo, one of the main characters in the book.

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Yellowjacket has a way with the ladies!

Hank Pym gets it on with Janet van Dyne in Marvel UK’s Avengers #86.

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What the Hell is Grant Morrison Smoking?

From Kid Eternity#2.

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It’s Superhero T-shirt Tuesday!

This is from around four years ago when the rugby lads went on a week-long bender in Hamburg. I’m sporting a Captain America t-shirt and that’s my mate Wilson. I probably bought the drinks because he is incredibly tight.

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Justice League of America Newspaper Strip: Chapter 57

The evil Dr Destiny has been defeated. Soon the heroes of the Justice League will have to face another threat, but for now the new story starts here, with a teacher telling reporter Jimmy Olsen about a missing student. As … Continue reading

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It’s Splash Page Sunday!

This page of the Sub-Mariner and the Silver Surfer in action is from The Defenders #2.

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It Sucks Being Sue Storm!

What kind of a mother lets her husband turn her son into a vegetable? She’s not even crying. It sucks being Sue Storm.

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It’s Funny Panel Friday!

Just what exactly is the menacing-looking Dark Knight going to give to Norton?!? From Detective Comics #47.

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Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

This is from Dreadstar #2, Jim Starlin’s sci-fi romp from the 1980s.

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Get down America!

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