Marvel’s Secret Artist! Thor!

And welcome to another new segment in the blog. Back in the 1980s Marvel UK reprinted some of the stories that originated Stateside, and one of them was the weekly Secret Wars. At the beginning of some of the issues they produced some original material of their own, called Marvel’s Secret Artist. The premise is that some kind of monster who liked to pencil was lurking in Marvel UK’s offices and would sneak out at night and draw freaky version of the characters in Secret Wars before the staff could capture him. It was pretty fun stuff, and every Wednesday I’ll be presenting them. Enjoy.

If you want to see bigger versions of the secret artwork, just click here and here.

I loved this shit when I was a kid

Odin's beard!

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3 Responses to Marvel’s Secret Artist! Thor!

  1. Lee Maguire says:

    Odd that Marvel UK’s additional content seemed to focus on their own production offices. I have a hazy memory of single-page material being published in the “Return of the Jedi” weekly (reprints of US Star Wars comics and other movie adaptations) focusing on an robotic editorial assistant (CYRIL I think?). May have been by Steve Dillon or John Ridgway – or both.

  2. Superb! I’ve been wondering if anyone had scanned any of these pages. I remember the Hawkeye One as being particularly grotesque – ditto Doc Ock.

    Yeah, the Star Wars character was called C.Y.R.I.L.L. – I think it was two Ls – and he appeared in a Secret Artist crossover, in which he ended up welded or stuck to half the stationery and furniture in the office. The Secret Artist set this up in order to be able to use C.Y.R.I.L.L. as a model for a Doctor Doom sketch.

    I’ve often wondered who the artist was – I wouldn’t have thought that Steve Dillon fit the style on the pin-up page (specifically the shading), but the lead-in…maybe…Ridgway sounds like a better fit….

    The style looks really familiar, but also really…unrefined is the wrong word, but I think it’s from someone relatively new who has since gone on to have a long, decent career. Definitely looks like someone who was at 2000AD around the late eighties/v. early nineties, but a bit less experienced (he said patronisingly).

    Still: ace.


  3. I just found these pages and it’s great to hear people’s memories of these because I did them! Matthew is spot on in his assessment as I was just a kid at school who had submitted some caricatures of Arnie’s Conan to the reader’s art section of the Conan comic and I got the call from Marvel to ask if I fancied doing the same thing for the Marvel heroes. It was beyond thrilling to be called down to “that London” to talk to them about it at their office in Redan Place. I think I was about 16 at the time so some of them do make me cringe now when I see them but it’s still one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I still have quite a few of the originals but it was great to see some I’d completely forgotten, I quite like that She-Hulk one! Sadly didn’t work further in comics after that but managed to stay in a creative job and you can see where I am now on my website if interested. Thanks for the memories Bob and thanks everyone for letting me know how other kids responded at the time.

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