Justice League of America Newspaper Strip: Interlude

This is from April 1972

This week’s JLA strip is due to pop up on the blog any minute now, and the eagle-eyed among you will notice something different this week; there’s a colour strip as well.

Thing is, the original newspaper strip was published seven days a week, and the Sunday edition was in colour. When I started putting the strips up here, I had scanned the pages from a Scottish weekly newspaper that never printed the Sunday adventures of the JLA.

The Internet is a great thing though and I’m delighted to say a couple readers of the blog have got in touch with me and supplied some of the colour scans. I’d like to say a massive thankyou to Greg Jones and a chap called Mark (whose surname I don’t have but who can be found here) for being kind enough to take the time out to do this.

I’ve had the colour strips for a wee while now and I’ve been trying to find the time to insert the colour strips in among the black and white ones, in their correct order. So, if you go back to the beginning of the strips, you will now see the colour stories.

Greg Jones had around 60 weeks of the colour strips starting from the beginning. He tells me that he removed the colour from his copies of them and retouched them himself. I’m not sure who the original colourist was, but Greg has done a terrific job and sent me all his colour strips. Greg also tweaked the colour strips slightly, removing a panel here or there. It looks like he did this so the colour strips were the same size as his black and white strips. Now, Greg was just doing this for himself and I don’t think he ever intended them to be put online like this. However, he’s sent me colour strips and said he was happy for me to put them up here.

Of course, the strips don’t belong to either Greg or me, they belong to DC. And I did consider not putting them up here as this wasn’t the way the original creators of Pasko, Tuska and Colletta intended them to be seen. However, I don’t have the original colour strips and this is the next best thing available to me. I also think Greg has been very respectful with any changes he has made.

Mark only had just over 20 strips, and he gave me scans of the original colour strips. I’ve put all of them up.

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