Spoof posters featuring Obama as the Joker! Why so serious?

It seems that spoof posters depicting US President Barack Obama as the Joker from last year’s Dark Knight movie have been causing a stir Stateside.

I actually think it’s quite clever and anarchic and given how the iconic Obama Hope poster seemed to be everywhere last year. it’s interesting to see whoever was responsible subvert that.

Apparently, calling a president socialist is the ultimate insult in America.

Holy lipstick Batman!

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1 Response to Spoof posters featuring Obama as the Joker! Why so serious?

  1. Surely it hasn’t escaped you that this is a not-so-subtle way of the “conservatives” here in America (don’t quite know how they got that name – they’re pretty radical, bankrupted the country and love killing everything once its left the womb, and generally dislike brown tinged humans) painting Obama in whiteface?

    C’mon, Dark Knight is old news and not funny anymore. It’s also an old joke, as there were McCain “Why so serious?” Joker flyers during the campaign referring to his nasty, unfunny jokes at Obama’s, Chelsea Clinton’s, and others’ expense.

    This is just a whiteface joke for the kind of people who find that sort of thing amusing – the remaining base of the American Republican party.

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