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It’s Funny Panel Friday!

God, I love the Golden Age.

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Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

I’ve no idea who is behind this pin-up from MArvel UK’s Rampage #45.

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I’m the Goddamn Golden Age Batman!

The Golden Age Batman will boot you off the goddamn train if you don’t have a goddamn ticket! From Batman #2!

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Undergoing refit!

I’ve decided to switch the blog’s PressRow theme for the new WordPress default theme Twenty Ten. It’s got a lot of cool stuff, but crucially it lets me make my images over a fifth as big. So I’m jiggering about … Continue reading

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It’s Superhero T-shirt Tuesday!

MAn, you’d think the water would be warm in Gibraltar. That’s a Golden Age Flash t-shirt.

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Justice League of America Newspaper Strip: Chapter 109

Superman is searching for Lois Lane as he believes Lex Luthor has hidden a detonator on her, but now Jimmy Olsen is in desperate need of his aid! As always, click here for the super-sized version of this week’s story! … Continue reading

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It’s Splash Page Sunday!

Was it really five years ago that Geoff  John and Ethan van Sciver retooled Hal Jordan? They did a great job, and this is from Green Lantern #6.

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It Sucks Being Sue Storm!

What Reed says goes. A marriage is meant to be a partnership Sue. It sucks being Sue Storm.

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It’s Funny Panel Friday!

Look at Jim Corrigan’s face. He’s never got used to The Spectre entering him.

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Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

From Marvel UK’s Captain Britain #1, this is erm, Captain Britain. I don’t know who the art is by.

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