Mark Millar’s Scottish superhero movie!

The bean counters have spoken and Kick-Ass was officially the number one grossing film in the US at the weekend, its $19.8million beating something called How To Train Your Dragon, which trousered $19.6million for Dreamworks. You can click here to check how it’s doing.

Speaking on his MillarWord board a little earlier tonight the film’s producer (and co-creator of the comic it is based on) Mark Millar said: “It’s also worth remembering that we only cost $28 million dollars after the UK tax breaks and our UK and US gross alone is already at $38 million as of last night. We’re looking at a very nice profit here and word of mouth is spectacular,the reviews being among the best I’ve ever seen and so we’re all very proud to find ourselves in this position.

“Positive advance reviews had some people hoping for a $25 million domestic opening (I wanted AVATAR numbers myself), but as Matthew sensibly pointed out we were made on a Tarantino budget and should be more than happy with Tarantino numbers. This is a great place to build on and i’m very excited to see if we stay in the number one position next weekend.”

He went on: “It’s impossible to guess what we’ll do until we get THIS weekend’s numbers, but I’m guessing our international box office total will be AT LEAST Kill Bill numbers as word of mouth is insane. Doing the same again on DVD would mean upwards of $200 mill. Not bad for a $28 million movie. In other words, I’m starting Balls To The Wall the week after next and the first issue will be out in September. Thanks to all for their kind words and support.”

This is great news as Kick-Ass is the most deliriously fun film I’ve seen all year. I haven’t actually paid to see it myself but I’ll be getting that extended Blu-Ray that director Matthew Vaughn has mentioned.

It seems that Millar’s remarkable run is continuing, so what’s next for him? The second arc of Kick-Ass the comic is due around September, but before that he is stepping behind the camera. After producing credits on Wanted and Kick-Ass, he’s becoming a director.

He said: “I want to do a superhero film in Scotland. The thing is it would be easy to do something cheesy in Scotland, but I don’t want to do some cheesy nonsense. I want to do something that’s as cool as District 9 was for South Africa, that juxtaposes two things you wouldn’t really put together, like South African politics and alien invasions.

“So I thought superheroes and Scotland and shoot it really differently from what people would expect. Make it grand and epic and it just happens to be in Scotland. If the Second Coming was happening, Hollywood would set it in New York or Los Angeles, you probably wouldn’t get it in what they consider a backwater, but there’s part of me that thinks does it always have to set in in America. I mean, Slumdog Millionaire, I’m sure if a big Hollywood company had got hold of that they would have set it in Los Angeles. I just think it would be interesting to do something a bit more unusual.

“We don’t stary shooting until summer, this is something where we hope to use a lot of filmmakers in Glasgow as well. The idea of using local talent, we want to use unknown actors, we want to keep it all local as much as we possibly can. I think there’s an authenticity about that.

“There’s a guy called Alan Clarke who did movies like Scum back in the 1970s, and I absolutely love that stuff becasuse it’s so raw and so real, because it’s not guys whohave done five years at RADA, it’s just guys he’s found hanging about the streets. Someone just got a camera and got them all working and I want to do a superhero movie like that. It’s my plan to do something unusual and shoot it like something you’ve never seen before.

“The approach I’d go for if something was set in Scotland, I’d almost keep it incidental, that they had super powers. They’re people first, who just happen to have abilities. To me it’s the lack of budget, I don’t want to give too much away, I just think it would be cool to show super powers in a way you’ve never seen before.

“I could never compete with Sam Raimi’s $200million budget for Spider-Man 3 so just make it  low budget  and work in a way that people had never imagined before. Sam Raimi himself with the eEvil Dead, he almost had no money to make the Evil Dead so he played around with camera techniques, tried out new things, and it looked innovative and I’d like to do that.”

The closest I ever got to a Scottish superhero when I was growing up was Middenface McNulty, so I’m happier than a pig in shit.

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  1. “The closest I ever got to a Scottish superhero when I was growing up was Middenface McNulty…”

    Ehm, aren’t you forgetting:

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