A tear, Sarah Jane?

Sad news tonight that Elisabeth Sladen has passed away, aged 63, after a fight against cancer.

The line up above is the last words of the third Doctor: “A tear, Sarah Jane? No, don’t cry. While there’s life, there’s…”

And although Sladen first appeared in Doctor Who with Jon Pertwee it was with my Doctor, Tom Baker, that I remember her. It’s funny how news like this can give you a pang of nostalgia, and make you remember how big a part of your life a TV character used to be when you were a kid.

Anyway, I was delighted a few years back when they had Sarah Jane pop up again and met David Tennant’s Doctor. There was a scene where he was leaving her again and Tennant really nailed the sadness of the Doctor, how much he had missed his companion and how much he loved her.

Of course, the show’s makers were really showing how we all felt about her.




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