First glimpse of Tom Hardy as Bane from The Dark Knight Rises!

In a blink-and-you’ve-missed-it moment geeks went apoplectic today when the first trailer from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises leaked online. Lawyers from Warner Bros have no doubt been earning their coin because the videos have been coming down as fast as they’ve been going up, but you might still catch it somewhere.

What we all really want to se is Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman gear, but no luck, we got a quick look at Tom Hardy as Bane.

The trailer opened with some shots from Nolan’s first two Batman films, a voice over from Liam Neeson I believe (Ra’s) and cut to Commisoner Gordon on a hospital bed talking offscreen to Bruce Wayne/Batman saying the Dark Knight must rise again. Christian Bale says something like: “What if he doesn’t exist?” and then there’s a shot of Gotham crumbling, like the poster that was released earlier this week.

Come on Mr Nolan, we want to see Catwoman.


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i am a mild-mannered reporter and a part-time bar man. guinness is my drink. john wayne is my hero. i am kind to animals
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