Mark Millar and Grant Morrison in Mail on Sunday today!

I guess we all know that comics are mainstream now but it was still a bit of a surprise to open the Sunday papers today and come across a double-page spread about Mark Millar and Grant Morrison. It wasn’t so much of a shock to see the “Biff!” and “Pow!” speech bubbles though; I guess some people still have difficulty in taking comics seriously.

Anyway, does one of these guys have a book on sale or something? Click here and here for bigger versions of the scans.


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1 Response to Mark Millar and Grant Morrison in Mail on Sunday today!

  1. Luther Blissett says:

    Grant’s a corporate new-ager selling mysticism to the masses – so the Mail’s references to his ‘socialist values’ a bit of a laugh. Must be mistaken him for his dad. Grant’s leftist leanings disappeared when the 5th dimension told him that anti-war stuff would hurt sales.

    Mark’s a typical GenX-Catholic: obsessed with sodomy and right-wing posturing while claiming ‘he’s as liberal as anyone’. Fit snugly into the post-911 South Park/Quentin Tarantino ‘bad ass’ attitude but never lost his papist smugness. As Morrison writes in his new book, “For all his growing reputation as a shallow sensationalist, Millar was an altar boy at heart.”

    Shame to see a Scot bromance sour but fun to read about.

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