Mark Millar opens superhero archway featuring Captain Coatbridge!

I popped along to Coatbridge’s Blair Road this morning to see the unveiling of a new piece of public art by Andy Scott that was inspired by Mark Millar.

Can’t really go into too much detail just now (I’ll post a link to the full story next week) but Mark said the location was great because his daughter was born three doors up, his parents lived right next to it and he grew up along the road in Townhead.

He mentioned that he dogged school on the site of the archway and grew up buying Marvel and DC comics in nearby shops, so it was great that it wasn’t just him who associated Coatbridge with comics now.

Kids from Mark’s old school St Ambrose (just along the road) had got together with sculptor Andy Scott and they decided the public art should pay tribute to Mark’s work for helping to put Coatbridge on the map. The youngsters were thanked by Mark for the work and he said he was relieved Scott did the archway because he was the only sculptor he had heard of and had always liked his work.

It really is a stunning piece of work that stands out when you drive past, then when you get up close you can see the intricate detail.That’s a character called Captain Coatbridge in the centre of it, and there’s hints of the town’s industrial past in there too.

You can click here for a bigger version of that pic above and look out for that link next week. Meanwhile, here’s some pics I took.

Oh, cracking moment when a young lad in a Superman costume just happened to be walking past with his mum and the assembled snappers immediately cajoled them into posing with Mark.

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