Batman sketch by Frank Quietly at 20th anniversary of Red Hot Comics!

I got up early yesterday to pop into Red Hot Comics after I noticed the Comics Anonymous guys mentioning on Twitter that not only was owner Ivor having a sale to mark the store’s 20th anniversary, but that Frank Quietly was doing a signing too.

There was a nice wee crowd there, good bit of chat and the Metaphrog guys were there doing a signing too, so I picked up their new Louis – Red Letter Day book and I’ll get into that just as soon as I work my way through my swag.

Anyway, go check follow Red Hot Comics on Twitter – and here’s alink for their ebay store.

Go follow the Comics Anonymous nerds too, and keep an eye out at their blog because they stuck around to interview Frank Quietly after it and they’ll be posting it online this week I believe. Plus they were at ThoughtBubble and I see there’s interviews with Peter Milligan, Dave Gibbons, Gale Simone, Adam Hughes and more afoot.

And here’s the Metaphrog website, the link up there was for their Twitter page.

Anyways, here’s my Frank Quietly sketch, after swithering over asking for a Batman or Superman I went for the Dark Knight and here’s the pencilling that he very kindly did.

And since I was lucky enough to get him to sign my Absolute All-Star Superman a few months back, I took in Batman: The Scottish Connection since Alan Grant had signed it at the Glasgow Comic Con.

I hadn’t noticed this before either, but Frank said he had got away with a few comedy place names on the map which is on the first page – you can’t actually visit Slapper, Plamf and Keech. There’s a couple more too if you squint hard enough.

He also said he was working on a DC one-shot called Pax Americana with Grant Morrison, which I hadn’t heard about, but I’m sure some of you have. It features the Charlton characters that Watchmen were based on and it seems to be a kind of take on the story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, like what if the Watchmen had never been written? Although Frank said he had only seen the first 11 pages of script.

And here’s the haul. Pretty much picked up all the issues I needed to finish my New Mutants run, plus I got almost all the FlashPoint crossover titles in the 50p boxes. The first 25 or so issues of Peter Milligan’s X-Statix were also plucked from the ten-bob section. And that JLA book, I remember seeing an advert for it when I was a kid and thought it looked amazing, so this is me finally getting to see if it actually is.


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