Saw the six-minute Dark Knight Rises prologue tonight! Spoilers!

So I was at the IMAX seeing Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and that was a bit meh, but the prologue for the new Batman was incredible.

The eye Nolan has for filming in IMAX is incredible, I saw more vision in those six minutes than in the whole Tom Cruise film. It opens with a truck going through a field and even that looks dynamite, the way the wind is blowing the tall grass.

Anyways, it starts at an airfield and a CIA operative is waiting for some bloke who brings with him three prisoners with hoods over their heads.

Why should I take them, says CIA man.

Because they have information about Bane, says the other guy.

So the plane takes off, CIA man opens the door and threatens to throw them out unless they talk. The first two don’t talk. Then the third guys pipes up. CIA man takes the hood off. It’s Bane.

Will it hurt if I take the mask off, says CIA man.

Extremely, says Bane. But for you.

Then it kicks in. A huge transport plane comes over the small CIA plane and folk leap out it on lines and launch an assault, shooting through the windows and attaching a cable. The big plane pulls up, the wings and tail come off the small plane. Bad guys pile in.

Then I got a bit confused. They pull a dead guy out a body bag, get the guy who got them on the plane and start a blood transfusion. From the alive guy to the dead guy. Then the bad guys pile out the plane. One of them is about to leave but Bane says he needs to stay because there has to be six bodies. And the other guy just smiles and does it no bother. Made me think of the shadowy ninja people from Batman Begins, that kind of loyalty  to the cause. Then Bane attaches himself to a line from the big plane, grabs the alive blood transfusion guy as the small plane falls out from under them. The whole thing was incredible, never seen a stunt like it. Then there was a few shots of Catwoman, Batman and Bane with Batman’s broken mask. Oh, it all started with Jim Gordon doing a eulogy for Harvey Dent.

The only thing that annoyed me? Bane’s voice. It really was as hard to make out as I had read and the plummy British accent seemed a bit at odds with the muscle-bound nutcase.

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