Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

I’ve lost where this Shang-Chi pin-up is from. It’s definitely a Marvel UK title, maybe Hands of Kung-Fu #10, if there was such a title. Not sure who it’s by either!

Get over here for a big version.

This is obviously the great Joe Kubert, where it’s from I’ve no idea.

Anyway, just go over here and enjoy the big version!


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3 Responses to Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

  1. cerebus660 says:

    The Shang-Chi pin-up is signed by Ron Wilson, although it looks ( to me ) to have been inked by Pablo Marcos.

  2. B Smith says:

    The JSA one appeared in Volume One of Steranko’s History Of Comics….given the date on it, is it possible that Kubert did it as a favour to Steranko?

  3. bobmitchellinthe21stcentury says:

    Cheers guys,and I’d have bet money you’d know who that Shang-chi artist was! 😉

    And that’s a Steranko book, interesting, funnily enough I read about that book recently and fancied tracking it down.

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