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Dynamite Cover Tuesday!

I always loved this cover from Marvel Tales #128, it was made into a pin-up at the back of a Marvel UK Spider-Man annual, 1978 or 1979 I think.

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When I Was a Kid I Wanted To Be a Comic Book Artist When I Grew Up!

Did Robert Downey Jr ever look this good? Check out the larger version.

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It’s Splash Page Sunday!

Here’s a couple of brooding characters for you this week. First up is the Caped Crusader from Batman #701, art by Tony Daniels. Check the bigger version out here. And from Hulk #1, it’s Old Greenskin himself by Jack Kirby. … Continue reading

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It Sucks Being Sue Storm!

Tough choice you’re facing there, Sue. From Fantastic Four #190. It sucks being Sue Storm.

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May the Fourth be with you!

I can’t remember where this Star Wars art by Frank Quitely came from, but any excuse! Happy Star Wars Day!

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