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Spoof posters featuring Obama as the Joker! Why so serious?

It seems that spoof posters depicting US President Barack Obama as the Joker from last year’s Dark Knight movie have been causing a stir Stateside. I actually think it’s quite clever and anarchic and given how the iconic Obama Hope … Continue reading

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Barack Obama should make this America’s new foreign policy!

Nothing makes a country feel great about itself again like beating up Nazis. This cracking cover is part of Marvel’s 70th anniversary celebrations, and you can check the lsiting here.

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Barack Obama stars in the new issue of Spider-Man!

As we approach January 20 and the inauguration of the 44th  US President becomes the only story in town, I am sure the news that Barack Obama is appearing in the new January 14 issue of Spider-Man will gain some … Continue reading

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Vote USA 2008! Obamaman!

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Vote USA 2008! Obama or McCain?

Today’s the day, America! Looking forward to this, going to stay up late tonight and watch all the results as they come in. Got some Yankee-style food in too, plenty of burgers, hot dogs, popcorn and most, importantly, beer.

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Vote USA 2008! The Savage Dragon endorses Barack Obama!

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Vote USA 2008! Barack Obama lost because of me!

more about “Vote USA 2008! Barack Obama lost beca…“, posted with vodpod

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Vote USA 2008! Barack Obama just lost my vote because of Green Lantern blunder!

I was watching Barack Obama at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, this afternoon and he made a massive gaffe. It was an inexcusable mistake, and it means I can now no longer vote for him.* He was telling the crowd … Continue reading

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Obama or McCain? Vote now!

I’m going to try something new here. I’ve never used the poll function on the blog before, but this seems like the ideal opportunity. I get around 200-300 folks coming round here every day, so please click the button. It’ll … Continue reading

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Vote USA 2008! What if Barack Obama and John McCain were Mr Men?

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