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After Watchmen: The Secret Service!

So after all the fuss about DC’s Before Watchmen announcement last week, Mark Millar is over on his board toying with the idea of using After Watchmen: The Secret Service as a tagline for his new book with Watchmen co-creator … Continue reading

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Mark Millar gives a talk in Coatbridge Library! Kick-Ass! Superior! The Secret Service! Supercrooks! Jupiter’s Children! Wanted! Chosen! Nemesis! And Sikeside!

Hey folks, first with the news, here’s a report on a talk Mark Millar gave last October. It was in Coatbridge Library and you can view a selection of pictures from it over yonder alongside a much smaller version of … Continue reading

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It’s Splash Page Sunday!

Courtesy of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, this is Captain America’s take on France’s war effort.  From Ultimates Vol 1 #12. Go look at the big version.

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2000th blog post! Frank Quitely at Glasgow’s Plan B Books! Talks about We3 Deluxe Edition! All-Star Superman! DC 52! The Greens! Not getting drunk in Argentina!

I started the blog back in October 2007, and almost four years later here I am with the 2000th post. Since it’s a landmark, for me anyway, I figured why not mark the occasion with something a bit special? So … Continue reading

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Mark Millar opens superhero archway featuring Captain Coatbridge!

I popped along to Coatbridge’s Blair Road this morning to see the unveiling of a new piece of public art by Andy Scott that was inspired by Mark Millar. Can’t really go into too much detail just now (I’ll post … Continue reading

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Mark Millar and Grant Morrison in Mail on Sunday today!

I guess we all know that comics are mainstream now but it was still a bit of a surprise to open the Sunday papers today and come across a double-page spread about Mark Millar and Grant Morrison. It wasn’t so … Continue reading

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I was on TV in Scotland’s Amazing Comic Book Heroes!

Fair enough, it was blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stuff but if you slow it down enough you might just glimpse me, and I’m holding a beer, naturally. If you’re in the UK you should be able to check out Scotland’s Amazing Comic Book … Continue reading

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Glasgow Comic Con 2011!

The big news from Saturday’s first ever Glasgow Comic Con was that Burke and Hare won the Best Comic at the inaugural Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards, while the drunk bloke in the picture – Martin Connaghan – won Best … Continue reading

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Mark Millar launches new British comic called CLiNT!

Y’know, theres a reason you should never name a comic book character Clint, which is the same reason why Mark Millar has named his new anthology magazine exactly that. Growing up in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s, comic book … Continue reading

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Mark Millar’s Scottish superhero movie!

The bean counters have spoken and Kick-Ass was officially the number one grossing film in the US at the weekend, its $19.8million beating something called How To Train Your Dragon, which trousered $19.6million for Dreamworks. You can click here to … Continue reading

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