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Justice League of America Newspaper Strip: Chapter 166

Another interlude this week at The Daily Planet as we wait for The Prankster to strike! Go fly over here for the super-sized version! This material is TM and copyright of DC Comics. It is being used without permission for … Continue reading

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It’s Splash Page Sunday!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, here’s one for the lovers from Superman: The Wedding Album. Looks like Jerry Ordway art to me. Here’s the super-sized version.

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It’s Funny Panel Friday!

I guess that Superman #3 was before Perry discovered Lois was his top reporter.

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Is everyone who works at the Daily Planet blind?

I know it’s part of the Superman mythos that all he needs to do is stick on a pair of specs and no-one realises that the Man of Steel is really Clark Kent. So why is it that when his … Continue reading

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