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Mark Millar gives a talk in Coatbridge Library! Kick-Ass! Superior! The Secret Service! Supercrooks! Jupiter’s Children! Wanted! Chosen! Nemesis! And Sikeside!

Hey folks, first with the news, here’s a report on a talk Mark Millar gave last October. It was in Coatbridge Library and you can view a selection of pictures from it over yonder alongside a much smaller version of … Continue reading

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Mark Millar talks Kick-Ass!

January, 2008. After bending his ear about something or other, Mark Millar signs off on a flurry of emails by dropping me a sneak preview of his latest project with John Romita Jr. “Just got my letters and inks in … Continue reading

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Mark Millar interview! Part 1: Kick-Ass movie special!

Luckily this interview with Mark Millar was not conducted during last weekend’s marathon bevvy session when the Scottish-based members of his MillarWorld website hit a boozer in Airdrie, because the jibberish we ended up talking was quite something to behold. … Continue reading

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Mark Millar Wanted interview!

If you’re any kind of film and/or comic geek then you’ll know the big news this week is that Wanted hits cinema screens on Friday. It’s adapted from the six-part, record-breaking series of the same name by writer Mark Millar … Continue reading

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New viral site for Mark Millar’s Wanted film!

I’ve blogged before about how Mark Millar is a dab hand at using viral techniques to punt his work, and now the film based on his comic Wanted has launched a viral site. It’s called Fraternity of Weavers and I … Continue reading

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Bozhe Moi! Feast your eyes on two cracking new Wanted trailers…in Russian!

Thanks to all those Chris Claremont X-Men comics that I read in my youth, the only words in Russian that I know are “Bozhe Moi!” I’ve no idea what Colossus, the X-Men’s resident Russkie, was actually saying, but I spluttered … Continue reading

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