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It’s Splash Page Sunday!

From the Marvel Holiday Special 2005, I figured this would be a good page for today. Speed over here for a look at a big version. All the best people!

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It’s Funny Panel Friday!

Hank Pym, ladies man. From The Avengers #213.

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Marvel’s Secret Artist! The Wasp!

Back in the 1980s Marvel UK reprinted some of the stories that originated Stateside, and one of them was the weekly Secret Wars. At the beginning of some of the issues they produced some original material of their own, called … Continue reading

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Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

This is from Marvel UK’s Avengers #89, and features Don Heck daringly depicting the Scarlet Witch, the Wasp and the Black Widow.

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Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

And welcome to another new section on the blog. I reckon it speaks for itself. Every Thursday there will be a bonus pin-up. We’re kicking off with this beauty which I believe is from Carl Burgos, and it hails from … Continue reading

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