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After Watchmen: The Secret Service!

So after all the fuss about DC’s Before Watchmen announcement last week, Mark Millar is over on his board toying with the idea of using After Watchmen: The Secret Service as a tagline for his new book with Watchmen co-creator … Continue reading

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It’s Funny Panel Friday!

This is a gloriously out-of-context scene from the Watchmen, with Laurie and Jon on Mars doing…whatever it is they are doing.

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Watching the Watchmen! Dave Gibbons speaks about his new book and the Watchmen movie!

Dave Gibbons bounds into the room with the justifiable swagger of a man whose work has been turned into a $150million dream come true. He is instantly likeable, coming across as a thouroughly affable bloke, and I am delighted to … Continue reading

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Who watches the Watchmen cartoon?

Seriously, they spent $150 million making the movie, but was it as cool as this? Dig those lyrics: “Strong together, united forever, come and meet your friends; time’s up, time’s here, for the Watchmen!” In the comic Rorschach puts an … Continue reading

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The final Watchmen movie poster is unveiled!

Only 36 days until the big-screen adaptation of the greatest comic book ever.  March 6 could see geeks’ heads exploding in cinema foyers around the world.

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New Watchmen art from Dave Gibbons!

Alan Moore is still avoiding the big-screen adaptation of his greatest comic in the same way that a vegetarian avoids a roll and sausage, but his collaborator Dave Gibbons has no such compunctions, which means you can marvel at these … Continue reading

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The Watchmen legal dispute has been settled!

You can click here for the full story, but you’ll still never see the squid monster at the end.

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Second Watchmen trailer!

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Six new Watchmen posters!

Publicity from the upcoming Watchmen movie continues to trickle out, and while fanboys have a shitfit over the news that director Zack Snyder isn’t including the giant alien squid in the finale, what we can be sure of is that … Continue reading

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Want to see some new pictures from the Watchmen movie?

This month’s Empire has the skinny, and you can see some of them online. The rest of them you can see right here. I hadn’t noticed this before, but Rorschach’s mask changes just like it does in the film. And … Continue reading

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