Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

Here’s a treat that readers of a certain age in Britain will enjoy. Back in 1980, DC put out a monthly magazine called Superheroes. It was black and white reprints inside but what made it special were the original covers from a guy called Alan Craddock. I’ve only got scans of a few, and some others from the run by Bryan Talbot, Bob Wakelin and Garry Leach. I loved these comics when I was a kid.

I always loved that the artist used an actual Inter City British Rail train, so I knew Superman and The Flash were racing in Britain. That made it even cooler. I had one of those trains for my train set when I was a lad, that’s how I know. Nothing geeky about comics and train sets. Nothing at all. This is from #8.

Race over here for the big version.

Anything to do with Superman was supercool for me back in the 80s, and I loved this take on the action from Superman 2, with Zod, Ursa and the big boy with the beard whose name I have somehow forgotten. I’m going to have to Google this. Non. There you go. From #7.

Check the super-sized version.

From #3, Batman doesn’t get the joke.

Holy-big-sized-version Batman!

This was the cover to Superheroes #1. How amazing is that? Worth buying it for that alone. Not that I bought it, I was a kid with no money. My folks got me it.

The big version is here.

Look at the colours on this pin-up of the Huntress and Batman too, dynamite.

Enjoy the large version.

You don’t see Bryan Talbot doing much superhero stuff these days, but this is a corker from #11 featuring Hawkman and Batman.

Zip over here for the large version.

From #2, this is by Garry Leach.

The big version is here.

Not sure why Wonder Woman is looking so aghast, but this is from #9 and is by Bob Wakelin.

Check out the large version.

This is definitely the worst of the lot, maybe that’s why it’s credited to The Studio.

Anyway, the big version is here.

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