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Comic Book Maps!

A while back I used to run The World’s Greatest Superheroes newspaper strip until I ran out of them. You can search for them over on the right there under Justice League of America newspaper strip. Anyway, this is from … Continue reading

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It’s Superhero T-shirt Tuesday!

Check it out, I actually have a new t-shirt to show you this week! And I’m designing them myself now. That’s all the major cities in the DC Universe. Wait till you see the back of it next week.

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If you’re struggling to buy me a Christmas present…

For some reason I can’t embed links just now so you need to go here… http://www.imagekind.com/GalleryProfile.aspx?GID=fda80454-8425-497f-82b4-6126773db39f&P=1 …and buy this guy’s art. Buy it for me. It is Christmas after all.

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It’s Splash Page Sunday!

This is a cracking panel by Jerry Ordway from Adventures of Superman #450. The Man of Steel is about to exile himself in outer space because he went batshit schizo crazy and was running around Metropolis in a Gangbuster costume.

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